Our Mission

The mission of NeuReality is to make AI adoption easy.

By taking a system-level approach, our team of industry experts can serve AI inference holistically; determine pain points; and deliver purpose-built, tactical solutions that democratize AI adoption.

This revolutionary combination of our technology, approach, and people accelerates the possibilities of AI.

Our Team


Moshe Tanach
Co-founder & CEO
Tzvika Shmueli
Co-Founder & VP Operation
Yossi Kasus
Co-Founder & VP VLSI
Lior Khermosh
Ester Koilis, PhD
VP Artificial Intelligence & Software
Paul Rietze
VP Business Development & Sales
Fredy Rabih
VP Product
Mileend Gadkari
VP Sales


Naveen Rao, PhD
CJ Bruno
Eli Nir
Gonzalo Martinez De Azagara
Ezra Gardner


Together, we can change the future! NeuReality is a young company with the vision to make AI accessible to all innovators by empowering their efforts to cure diseases, improve public safety, and bring innovative AI-based ideas to fruition.

Come join us to accelerate human achievement through AI technology.